A Pink Casio Calculator Is Just My Style

I end up using a calculator pretty much on a daily basis. I didn’t think that I would need to do much math after taking it in high school, since I ended up going into the creative industry. It has been fun doing what I wanted to do and getting paid to do it. However, I do still end up having to do some math pretty much on a daily basis.

Having a nice calculator at home is great so that I can do some simple math quickly, and even do more complicated math as well. I love using my pink calculator and that it is so me. I like all things pink and the calculator matches my pink cell phone case and my other pink accessories well. The new calculator that I got has been working out well for me.

The Casio calculator is great for using when I am keeping track of my finances, calculating spending, or working on a math problem. I love that the calculator has all of the functions that I need and that I can use it for advanced functions as well. The calculator is a great way for me to have some nice convenience in my daily life.